An Interview with Nico Sunnucks (@Nico60slurp) of @SlurpWine

Nico founded with fellow entrepreneur and wine enthusiast Paul Mitchell in 2004. Their mission, and a simple sounding one at that was to find quality wines from smaller producers and bring them to Britain at a good price. An anti-Supermarket approach if you will… have become one of the fastest growing online wine retailers in the country, and have just added “Slurp Beer” to their online stable. With the demise of high street wine retailers are leading the online wine retailing charge….

(1)   - How did you initially get into the world of wine? It was a ‘happy accident’ born out of the desire to have great wines available to ourselves as well as our friends and family, at reasonable and affordable prices.


(2)   - How did Slurp come about? My business partner and I, at the time (we were exporting Vodka from Bulgaria to the US), were very disillusioned by the standard of wines available to buy on the high street even back then in 2005. Through our contacts at LIWF and similar trade fairs we were given the great opportunity to become involved with the importation and distribution of some more unusual, family run Boutique wines, specifically from the Burgundy region of France. The concept of Slurp was fundamentally to offer wines to our customers, that were NOT restricted to the relatively limiting choices being offered in the supermarkets and chains of high street wine stores.


(3)   - Do you believe that the world of wine buying will continue to shift towards online merchants like Slurp? There is possibly still a place for small, but good, independent merchants, however I do think that the trend is definitely shifting towards an age of convenience and choice. Slurp currently offer two things that are in tune with what our demographic customer is looking for; a massive range, and flexible ordering - logistically neither of which can be easily offered by the stores.


(4)   - Which country’s wines do you find yourself favouring most? Hmm that’s a tough one…. I think that certain styles benefit from certain regions (terror) and climate, so my preferences changes quite regularly, it’s therefore hard to narrow it down to just one really. On a hot day like today I would say White (probably, Austria or France) but throughout the winter I may have favoured Red (California or Australia) but the great thing about wines is that it can constantly re-invent itself and with that my view will change again I’m sure.


(5) - Finally, if you were to be any wine what would it be and why? Possibly a vintage Champagne displaying the intransient, passionate, independent qualities of the winemaker, complex but approachable - with hopefully great ageing potential!

You can view Slurp’s impressive online range, as well as “Slurp Singles” (their one bottle only purchasing option) at